Gattaca: a review



Sci fi / Drama / Romance

Many critics see Gattaca as a great movie, but the movie is not for everyone.

Imagine a world where people are no longer judged by the standards of today. A world where people are not judged by where they come from or the color of their skin, but on how they were born. Our genetic makeup is the new standard of what your place in society is and what you’re capable of.

This world in Gattaca is not too far in the future and does not include many futuristic gadgets as is usual in some sci-fi movies. The ideology however is otherworldly.

Ethan Hawke plays the character named Vincent Freeman. He was conceived in a natural way by two parents who defied the standards of society with his creation. This meant that his chances in life were greatly affected. People in this time are usually conceived with the help of doctors and geneticists for their children to have the best chances in society. Vincent’s brother though, is conceived in a way fit for those who are ought to succeed in life. Their life is an eternal competition of who’s the better brother and this seems to be a recurring factor. Vincent’s dream is to be in space and to outdo what society and his family expect of him.

The cast is superb and so is their acting. In order for Vincent to make his dream happen, he’s to infiltrate the space program. There’s a problem for this to happen as his genetic makeup does not make him suitable for this, according to the space program. That’s why he gets help from Jerome Morrow, who’s played by the talented Jude Law. Vincent uses Jerome’s genetic makeup to blend in with the genetically ‘superior’ people. This means that Vincent has to be extremely careful not to leave his own traces to be found in the space program facility and elsewhere. Vincent and Jerome become symbiotic partners in their crime. The reasons why Jerome helps Vincent aren’t clear, but his loneliness seems to force him to be empathetic. 


Uma Thurman plays Irene Cassini who graces the movie with her elegance and beauty. She slowly develops a relationship with Vincent who’s not entirely honest with her. Irene’s honest about her genetic setback, but Vincent isn’t.

The supporting actors are also great. Although I would’ve liked for the characters to be fuller and more balanced, the movie seems mostly to be focussed on Vincent and his experience with other people.

Gattaca came out in 1997, but is still relevant this day as it’s a compelling movie. That is, to those with patience. The movie seems to be a bit slow to understand the plot easily, but this is compensated with excellent background music and subtleties such as the costumes. The cars, clothing, architecture and sceneries seem to be a mixture between what the future might be and the 1960’s. Not much in the movie is predictable and that makes this movie surprising and captivating. It’s also interesting to think about this new way of dividing people. Is it good, fair or better than how life’s divided now? Or not at all?

Although this movie receives high praise, I must be honest about that it will not be well received by those that have little patience. The movie is only 106 minutes long and those who have an interest in detail, subtleties and the story will find it a great watch. Gattaca is one of my all time movie favorites and I definitely recommend watching this movie.


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